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Transformation Planning - a ‘Fast Track’ Solution


To create a route-map (‘Transformation Map’) that shows what outcomes need to be delivered over time to collectively realise the organisation’s vision and strategy.


Translating a vision and strategy into a meaningful programme of change is a difficult undertaking. Ensuring that all aspects of change (e.g. culture, process, people) are considered and reinforce each other requires a deep understanding of the dynamics of change.

The ‘Transformation Planning’ solution quickly creates a route-map that considers all aspects of change and ensures that outcomes are realistic and measurable and has the commitment of the management team responsible for its realisation.


Can be undertaken once a vision and strategy has been formulated and communicated to the management team and as part of scoping out the next stage of implementation.


We first produce a straw-man ‘Transformation Map’ that consolidates all known outcomes from existing initiatives and plans. Working with the management team, we agree the themes to be worked up and, taking each theme in turn, work both up and down the timeline identifying additional outcomes.

We then validate the outcomes across themes and ensure that all aspects of change (e.g. culture, process, people) have been considered. We then balance the Map to ensure that it is achievable and refine each outcome.

We then facilitate an exercise to scope the work and effort required to deliver each of the change outcomes within an agreed planning horizon, typically six months.

Finally, we ‘sense-check’ the first cut ‘Transformation Map’ with the management team to ensure it can be realistically delivered and to gain their ownership.


The Outputs that are delivered by the ‘Transformation Planning’ Solution are:

  • ‘Transformation Map’ that maps outcomes over the time horizon dictated by the vision and strategy;
  • Outline scope and plan to deliver the first set of defined change outcomes, including required activities and outline resources

We have an example of a typical Transformation Map in the right-hand panel - move your cursor over the Map to see the level of detail produced.


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Transformation Planning

The Transformation Map, which is the main tangible output delivered, provides an invaluable reference point for detailed planning and offers a powerful means of communicating the real impact of a vision and strategy. An example of a typical Transformation Map is shown below (hover with your mouse to zoom in):