Strategey Development

Strategy Development

When would ‘Strategy Development’ be relevant for you?

Successful change programmes are often underpinned by clear business strategies that provide the vision and direction that engages people and starts to shape its implementation. ChangePartners can help you to develop a persuasive, pragmatic and achievable strategy that aligns with the overall direction of your organisation.

Our Approach to ‘Strategy Development’

We believe that the activities to form the business vision and strategy are the beginning of the change journey. Top down change is appropriate on occasions, but generally we find that a collaborative approach to developing business strategies is most effective. The joint identification of business problems and solutions will start to build energy and commitment to developing a shared vision and business strategy.

We will work with you and your peer group to understand the key issues that need to be resolved and the business direction and strategies that need to be supported and developed. We will also bring our knowledge of external trends and what has worked well in other organisations.

What do you get from our ‘Strategy Development’?

The development of your business vision and strategy to help you create a business strategy that:

  • Has clear vision and supports the goals and direction of your organisation;
  • Provides clear outcomes, benefits, value and efficiencies to your organisation;
  • Is relevant to solving the particular challenges and issues that you face;
  • Is achievable, realistic and pragmatic;
  • Considers the external factors that you need to take into account, including technology, business trends and your competition;
  • Takes into account the likely impact of implementing your strategy on your organisation and your people;
  • Sets the tone, creating the energy and commitment for the implementation of your business strategy;
  • Is well communicated to your people and senior sponsors.

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