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Stakeholder Engagement - a ‘Fast Track’ Solution


To quickly assess the level of stakeholder impact and commitment to a change programme and develop an outline plan for engagement.


Having a critical mass of committed stakeholders is essential for the success of a change programme. Developing a plan for engagement must go beyond the conventional communication activities and consider ways of actively engaging stakeholders to achieve real commitment.

The ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ Solution helps identify the key stakeholders that will affect success and develop appropriate strategies that translate to a managed programme of ongoing engagement.


This solution can be utilised at any stage of a change programme and improvements can be realised quickly. Ideally, it should be conducted once the impact of a planned change is known in order to inform the stakeholder analysis.


Working with the team responsible for implementing the change, we first identify the stakeholders and assess their importance to the programme. We then prioritise the stakeholders and agree a set of generic engagement strategies that builds on existing work and plans.

We then build collaboratively an Engagement Plan that outlines the planned engagements, the expected impacts and responsibilities for delivering it. We also help establish an agreed set of engagement principles and roles to ensure the organisation has the capability to deliver the Plan.


The Outputs that are delivered by the ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ Solution are:

  • Assessment and prioritisation of the stakeholders who will affect the success of the change programme;
  • Mapping of the key stakeholders in a ‘Stakeholder Map’ to allow a number of generic engagement strategies to be identified;
  • Engagement Plan that outlines the engagement activities that will be undertaken over time and who will be responsible for completing them;
  • Set of engagement principles and engagement roles

We have an example of a Stakeholder Map in the right-hand panel - move your cursor over the Map to see the level of detail produced.


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Stakeholder Engagement

The two main outcomes of the ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ Solution are the Stakeholder Map and the Engagement Plan; simplified examples of each are shown below.

The Stakeholder Map helps to formulate generic engagement strategies e.g. stakeholders in the upper right quadrant warrant high levels of engagement as they have a high interest in the programme and are very influential.

Hover with your mouse to zoom in:

Stakeholder Map

Engagement Plan