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High Performing Team - a ‘Fast Track’ Solution


To facilitate the formation of a high performing team that works effectively together to quickly deliver results.


The benefits of having a high performing team are well understood, yet teams are often required to perform well soon after being formed. This approach rarely results in high performance and can lead to a lack of co-operation and some distrust. The ‘High Performing Team’ Solution takes into account the natural way that teams form and develop and accelerates team members through the process in a highly involving and stimulating way.


This solution can be applied shortly after a team has been formed or when there are concerns that the team is not working effectively together.


Using self-assessment, we first ascertain where each of the team members is along the ‘team maturity’ curve. Working with the team we then feedback results and identify areas that need to be addressed to become a high performing team. Based on the results we predict the probability of achieving high performance and agree an action plan to increase the probability. We also establish a set of operating principles with the team to ensure they are clear about their expectations of each other. We then repeat the process, typically after three months, to reassess the ‘team maturity’ and assess the change in performance levels. Experience has shown that a 10-15% increase in measured performance can be achieved.


The Outputs that are delivered by the ‘High Performing Team’ Solution are:

  • Assessment of the team’s stage of development along the ‘team maturity’ curve;
  • Actions to improve the maturity of the team and move towards high performance;
  • Agreed operating principles for the team describing expectations of each other;
  • Prediction of achieving ‘high performance’ and targeted level of improvement
  • Demonstrated improvement in team performance, following a re-assessment

We have an example of a ‘before and after’ Team Assessment in the right-hand panel - move your cursor over the diagrams to see the type of information that is produced.

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High Performing Team

The ‘Team Assessment’ Solution uses the Team Maturity curve as a basis for assessing current levels of maturity and for establishing an action plan for creating a high performing team.

The Team Maturity curve shows how team members need to satisfy a set of needs at each stage before moving towards high performance.

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High Performing Team

In the following real-life example, the ‘before and after’ assessment is shown. In the initial assessment, ‘Orientation’ was high (e.g. the team had been well-inducted) but ‘Trust Building’ was low. Working with the team, we created a set of ‘operating principles’ to establish acceptable working practices and behaviours to help build trust. When we completed the follow-up, the trust level had improved significantly and there were major improvements in all other areas.

Team Maturity Assessment