Fast Track Solutions

‘Fast Track’ Solutions

When would ‘Fast Track’ Solutions be relevant to you?

You may have been appointed into a new role and need to quickly assess the performance of your department. You may need to rapidly assess the state of business readiness before launching a new product or service. You may not be convinced that your project portfolio represents the best value-for-money for your business. Whatever the reason, we have developed a number of ready-made consultancy Solutions that might meet your needs.

Our Approach to ‘Fast Track’ Solutions

Each of our ‘Fast Track’ Solutions can be delivered within twenty days, often to an agreed fixed price. Each follows a standard and proven approach, which can often be tailored, and will deliver clearly defined deliverables and outcomes. Typically they assess the current situation (e.g. departmental performance, business readiness to change) against a number of clearly defined criteria and identify where improvements and changes need to be made. We keep the process transparent and measurable and encourage customers to be fully engaged throughout. In most cases the process can be repeated at a later stage, to track changes and/or progress that has taken place.

What Do You Get from ‘Fast Track’ Solutions?

Our ‘Fast Track’ Solutions will help you to ensure that:

  • You will get tangible results within twenty days;
  • You are able to be engage others during a transparent process to ensure their ownership and commitment;
  • You have an independent view of the current situation that is assessed against clear criteria;
  • It is clear what actions need to be taken to improve the current situation;
  • You can feel confident that the results are based on a proven approach that can be repeated at a later date, as required

All our ‘Fast Track’ Solutions utilise standard change tools and methods from the ChangeFactory, which you may decide to adopt as a subscription-based service.

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