Design Shop

Design Shop

When would the ‘Design Shop’ be relevant for you?

Once you have a clear business strategy that your organisation and employees support, you will need to set up the implementation to succeed. Many business strategies fall down in their implementation, with the desire to deliver quick results leading to rushed planning and erratic delivery. The ‘Design Shop’ will support you in moving confidently from your strategy into implementation. This will include developing a realistic and understandable plan that will deliver the business outcomes that your stakeholders are eagerly anticipating.

The ‘Design Shop’ Approach

With the ‘Design Shop’ we will work with you to develop an appropriate change strategy, scope the first set of changes and create the road-map that will ultimately deliver your business outcomes. This includes identifying the competencies and capabilities that your change programme needs to have in order to translate your strategy into tangible programmes of change. We have a collection of tools, standards and techniques designed to give you a greater sense of predictability and control. The activities that you will undertake in the ‘Design Shop’ are designed to progressively build on the momentum created by earlier successes.

What you get from the ‘Design Shop’

Our ‘Design Shop’ service will support you in developing an approach for realising your changes that:

  • Phases the delivery of your strategy into bite-sized chunks that give you the benefit of being able to learn quickly and make improvements;
  • Provides a Transformation Map that plots your business outcomes over an achievable timescale;
  • Creates momentum and a sense of urgency;
  • Progressively delivers high impact improvements to your business that support your desired business outcomes;
  • Has clear outcomes and benefits that will be realised;
  • Provides clear, defined and measurable deliverables that clarifies what your stakeholders can expect to see and when;
  • Considers the maturity, resources and capability of your organisation and your people to deliver the plan;
  • Is understandable and translates to a wide audience;
  • Plans for communication and engagement with your stakeholders and the people who are impacted by change;
  • Is realistic, pragmatic and achievable.

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