Change Leadership

Change Leadership

When would ‘Change Leadership’ be relevant to you?

As a leader, your role in making a success of the changes that you plan to make is essential. Selling your vision, influencing, motivating, engaging and inspiring people at all levels in your organisation are just a few of the key components of your role as agent and leader of change.

The most effective change leaders facilitate and influence change. Whilst it sometimes feels comfortable and right to try and control it, this often acts to compound the resistance of employees and peers. Instead, change leaders must transform the way that they think, lead and behave to drive the cultural shifts that successful change needs.

ChangePartners will support you in re-discovering the skills, wisdom and approaches that you already have within you.

Our Approach to ‘Change Leadership’

There are no hard and fast rules to coaching and development and leadership is no exception. What we agree to focus on will be shaped by the existing capabilities and effectiveness of you and your leadership team. To support this, we have a number of proven tools and techniques for assessing individual and team performance against the core competencies that are essential for leading change. Using self assessment and peer review, we will tailor a programme of development that suits your situation. We will also consult with your HR team to complement any internal programmes that are already in place.

Our approach to coaching and development is not to tell you what to do and how to behave. We have achieved the greatest results by helping people like you to find your own solutions. We will use proven techniques and approaches to build on what you already know but may have just forgotten. It is harder work for you, but ultimately more fun and significantly more rewarding.

We use a number of different approaches including workshops, individual coaching and action groups. This helps to create an environment where you can learn together as a team, focus on your individual needs and practice your techniques in real life situations. We steer clear of heavy theory and generalised approaches, instead focusing on what is practical and meaningful to you and your situation.

What do you get from ‘Change Leadership’?

From our research and experience, we have identified the specific skills that all excellent leaders need including:

  • Self-management
  • Ability to motivate self and others
  • Thinking skills - strategic, constructive and creative thinking
  • Thinking skills - prioritising and problem-solving
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Effective communication
  • Organisational skills and time management
  • Performance management

Our ‘Change Leadership’ service will enable you to:

  • Gain a deeper awareness and understanding of the specific leadership skills;
  • Apply these skills to situations that leaders often find themselves;
  • Lead your organisation with greater effect;
  • Develop the capability and the confidence to become an effective leader of change;
  • Build on what you already know to allow your leadership skills to develop naturally.

Our leadership programme takes these specific skills, explores the principles involved and how they can be applied to a range of change leadership situations.

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