Change Implementation

Change Implementation

When would Change Implementation be relevant for you?

You may already have a clear vision and business strategy in place. You may also have a plan for delivering your business outcomes. It may even be the case that we’ve supported you with our Strategy Development or Design Shop services. Now comes the difficult part, delivering what you promised in line with your people’s expectations and then making the changes stick. It is common for senior executives to lose energy and focus at this stage. We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen, ensuring that your vision is successfully transformed into real and meaningful change.

You may want rapid and immediate delivery and impact. You could be going through a merger, acquisition, outsourcing approach or structural change. You may just need to change and improve quickly. If you want straightforward implementation, then this approach is probably right for you. It may not be the right time or appropriate for you to be thinking about creating a change leadership capability. What matters to you is to achieve quick and measurable results that deliver your outcomes in a controlled and predictable that manages the motivation and commitment of your people.

What is our Approach to Change Implementation?

We will tailor an approach that is relevant to both what you want to achieve and the capability within your organisation to deliver and sustain change. The early discussions will shape the approach that is most relevant for your situation. If you have everything in place then we can get straight down to delivering your plan. The most important thing for us is that you achieve your outcomes in the most efficient and expedient manner.

Our consultants will work as part of your organisation throughout the duration of the change programme. Our preference is to work alongside you and your people at a number of levels:

Strategic Level - working with the overall sponsor to ensure alignment with the vision and to offer guidance to the overall change programme;
Outcome Level - Working with change sponsors to agree change outcomes, stakeholder expectations and business benefits;
Programme Level - Supporting you to ensure that the change programme achieves its outcomes and delivers to expectations.

What do you get from Change Implementation?

  • A partner who works in hand in hand with you and your change team and sponsors to deliver change together;
  • Your immediate change needs and outcomes planned and delivered at your pace;
  • Those outcomes that bring you the greatest impact prioritised;
  • Changes to culture, people and process planned and managed;
  • Resources, teams and governance established to deliver and manage your change;
  • Change and improvement that is realised and embedded within your organisation;
  • Improvements that are actually measured and where value is demonstrable;

If you want an approach to change implementation that develops your change leadership capability and provides full access to our online change tools, methods and checklists then the Change Factory may well be right for you. Read more more

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