Change Factory

Change Factory

When would the Change Factory be relevant for you?

  • Do you want the capability to successfully manage change within your organisation?
  • Do you want to have end-to-end support in the planning, implementation and successful adoption of change?
  • Do you want a change process that is designed specifically to meet your needs?
  • Do you want change tools, Methods and templates available to you online?
  • Do you want to implement change that is meaningful, measurable and sustainable?

If the answer is yes then the Change Factory could be right for you.

The Change Factory Approach

The Change Factory contains a number of online Methods to tackle a range of typical business change scenarios, such as:

  • how to implement an important business change quickly and without fuss;
  • how to deliver your first project and ensure it all runs smoothly;
  • how to ensure that data migrating to a new computer system is of high quality

Each of these Methods has been developed by recognised experts in the field who have worked with Change Partners to create an approach that is:

  • simple to learn and use;
  • based on proven best practice;
  • capable of adapting with you over time

Our Methods Consultants will also support you in designing and building your own Method to reflect your specific requirements.

To find out more about the Change Factory, visit the site at where you can also take a test drive.

What do you get from the Change Factory?

  • Online access to a number of ‘out-of-the-box’ Methods for tackling different types of business change;
  • Practical and proven approaches that have been created by experts in their field;
  • Access to a wealth of templates, examples and checklists (so-called ‘assets’);
  • Ability to adapt a Methods (e.g. to include own templates) and enhance it over time using our Method Manager;
  • Simple project management features e.g. to allow task completion to be tracked;
  • Sharing of ‘assets’ and resources across projects using the Change Factory We can even help you create your own in-house Methods from scratch using our Method Manager tool and extensive library of templates, examples and checklist.

To find out more about the Change Factory, visit the site at where you can also take a test drive.