Fast Track Solutions

Change Mobilisation - a ‘Fast Track’ Solution


To move the change team rapidly into implementation by defining roles, the scope of the planned changes and the approach to be followed.


Invaluable time can be lost at the start of a change programme in setting up the team, clarifying their roles and defining how they will work. The ‘Change Mobilisation’ Solution kick-starts the change programme by taking the team through a proven approach that accelerates many of the time-consuming activities necessary to mobilise the team.


Can be undertaken once the core of the change team has been established and when the scope of the first set of changes to be delivered is broadly understood.


We first clarify with the sponsor(s) the outcomes that are expected from the planned changes and identify any firm expectations such as time-scales and key milestones. This is documented within a Charter, which is agreed with key stakeholders. We then rapidly assess the impact of change, business readiness and the level of stakeholder commitment and develop an action plan to establish the right ‘context for change’. Using our ChangeFactory support environment, we then work with the sponsor and the change team to agree roles, assign change tasks to people and agree ways of working. Finally, we help shape the planned changes to ensure that results are achieved quickly and will have a tangible business impact.


The Outputs that are realised by using the ‘Change Mobilisation’ Service are:

    • An agreed scope for the first set of changes to be implemented;
    • Understanding of the current ‘change context’ and what needs to be put in place to ensure the change programme is successful;
    • Set of agreed roles and clarity on what people need to do and how it will be delivered;
    • An on-line support environment (the ChangeFactory) to help the change team with their assigned tasks, including provision of guidance, templates and a range of change tools;
    • Enhanced capability of the change team, who understand their role and what is expected of them


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Change Mobilisation Assessments

We use a range of assessment methods to help establish the right ‘context for change’ and ensure that your change programme will deliver the expected outcomes. An example of a ‘Change Healthcheck’ is shown below (hover with your mouse to zoom in):