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Capability Assessment - a ‘Fast Track’ Solution


To quickly assess the effectiveness of an organisation in delivering value to its customers as well as identifying areas that need to be improved.


Having an understanding of where an organisation’s activities are contributing to customer outcomes and how well they are being performed, is an important pre-requisite for planning any improvement. It is also important to understand who is contributing to the realisation of customer outcomes as well as being able to focus any improvement activity.

The ‘Capability Assessment’ Solution creates a model of the organisation (‘Capability Model’) that shows diagrammatically how roles and activities contribute to outcomes as well as displaying current performance and highlighting improvement ‘hot-spots’. The model is created in consultation with the management team, who also undertake the assessment to ensure their buy-in and commitment to agreed improvements.


This is a highly effective solution for establishing a performance baseline within a short period of time. Its use can be extended to incorporate activities and roles that are part of future plans to facilitate the transition towards a future target organisation.

The ‘Capability Assessment’ can be conducted for an entire organisation, for a department or for a functional area.


Working with the management team, we first agree the customer outcomes and the key activities that contribute to their realisation. We then identify the logical roles that deliver the activities, splitting and combining activities as needed. We then combine the activities into logical areas and work in small teams to validate and refine the activities.

We next incorporate any planned activities and roles into the model using existing material or by supplying our own.

We then survey the management team and others, as agreed, to assess current performance and to help prioritise activities.

Finally, we create the first-cut ‘Capability Model’ and report back the results to the management team. Using the survey responses, we then facilitate an exercise to prioritise improvements and scope the first set of improvement activities.


The Outputs that are delivered by the ‘Capability Assessment’ Solution are:

  • ‘Capability Model’ that maps activities and roles against customer outcomes;
  • Assessment of performance of activities within the Model and identified ‘hot spots’ for improving performance;
  • Prioritised set of improvements and outline improvement plan, identifying activities and resources

We have an example of a typical Capability Model in the right-hand panel - move your cursor over the Model to see the level of detail produced.


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Capability Assessment

The Capability Model, which is the main tangible output delivered, provides an invaluable reference point for improvement planning and offers a powerful means of communicating current performance and how an organisation’s activities deliver value to their customers.

An example of a typical Capability Model is shown below. The columns (customer outcomes), rows (logical roles) and intersection points (activities) are colour coded to indicate the current performance level i.e. Red = ‘Poor’; Amber= ‘OK’; Green = ‘Good’. The intersection points in Red (‘Hot Spots’) highlight the activities that are candidates for improvement.

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Capability Model