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Business Readiness - a ‘Fast Track’ Solution


To assess a company’s state of readiness for introducing a planned set of changes, highlighting areas of risk that may impact success and providing a clear action plan and route-map for addressing them.


According to a recent survey (Standish Group, 2009) only 32% of change projects succeed and a similarly low percentage achieve bottom-line performance improvement. The ‘Business Readiness’ Solution aims to improve the return on investment of a customer’s change programme and significantly reduce the risk of failure.


Can be undertaken once the impact of the planned changes is known or, at least, before the start of implementation. Can be repeated at key stages of the change project to ensure that the risks are being managed.


We first interview key stakeholders using our 6-stage assessment process that is based on a number of proven tools, such as the Capability Maturity Model and Kinston’s Cultural Model. We then look at factors that will impact on your success and calculate the likely impact on the business case. Finally, we confirm the findings with you and develop a Route Map for improvement and an Action Plan to enable you to overcome all barriers and mitigate your risks.


The Outputs that are realised by using the ‘Business Readiness’ Solution are:

  • An organisational culture and business process capability assessment;
  • Assessment of the complexity of the change project and the ‘capability gap’;
  • Assessment of other factors that will impact success, such as trust, stakeholder relationships, benefits realisation and robustness of the delivery plan;
  • Estimate of the likely impact on the business case;
  • Culture Change Route Map and Action Plan

Examples of some of the tools that are used during the assessment are displayed in the right-hand panel.


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Business Readiness Tools

The assessments are based on proven models and tools supported by clear methods for evaluating your state of readiness.  Some examples of the models used are shown below (hover with your mouse to zoom in):


The Cost/Trust Model