Cancer Research UK

We helped Cancer Research UK set up and host two successful IS Strategy Fairs to communicate the status of the IS Strategy to other business functions.

The IS Director had agreed a 5 year strategy with Cancer Research UK’s executive board and needed our support to help communicate and engage their staff, customers and stakeholders in understanding and committing to their vision and its implementation.

Our Approach

Working with the core ‘change team’, we recognised that whilst the IS function had an inspiring vision and ambitious goals; they were complex and difficult to translate. We produced a stakeholder communication and engagement plan with the team to simplify this for people. This included a calendar of events of various complexity for people to understand what was happening, why, when and what impact it might have. The most significant of these events were two week-long ‘Strategy Fairs’ where the doors were opened to key customers and IS staff to talk with the ‘change team’ and their sponsors and understand the IS Strategy.


  • Mobilised key IS staff to get involved in resourcing the change programme;
  • Planted powerful and consistent key messages for the IS vision and strategy;
  • Provided status updates for all change actives within the IS department;
  • Provided people with the opportunity from across the business to provide feedback, comments and suggestions as well as enhancing their understanding;
  • Improved the quality of engagement and improving the relationships between IS and the business;
  • Developed the confidence and profile of the change agents within the organisation.

The Business attendance was high, with over 30 people attending each day. When we surveyed attendees of the events, over 70% had a high degree of confidence that planned changes would have a big impact on improving the service that IS provided its customers.