Cancer Research UK

We helped Cancer Research UK significantly improve their communication and staff engagement across the IS function.

The IS Director had agreed a 5 year strategy with Cancer Research UK’s executive board and needed our support to help improve the capability of their IS function to communicate and engage with their employees and customers.

Our Approach

Working with the internal ‘change team’ we identified those aspects of communication that they wanted to improve. This enables the ‘change team to ensure that people understood their roles and responsibilities for communicating key messages to stakeholders, set a timetable for communication activities, improve the quality of existing methods, and provide training opportunities for developing communication skills for employees.


  • Powerful set of communication principles for IS that was agreed by the leadership team;
  • Effective stakeholder management that provided targeted communication and engagement with influential business customers;
  • Engaging and informative monthly department meetings that gave people a role in solving problems and discussing issues as well as communicating key decisions and progress;
  • Regular department newsletter that focused on promoting the successes of the IS Department;
  • Informal ‘coffee room’ sessions for people in the IS department to meet senior management, ask questions and raise issues;
  • Significantly improved reporting to the Executive Board on IS successes and achievements;
  • Re-launched informative and accurate internal intranet site for IS targeted at what customers wanted;
  • Specific development programme that improved the quality of written communication

As part of our handover, the organisation appointed a full-time Communications Officer to maintain the high standard of communication that had been achieved.