Cancer Research UK

We helped Cancer Research UK introduce a number of awards to reward and reinforce cultural changes within the IS department.

The IS Director had agreed a 5 year strategy with Cancer Research UK’s executive board and needed our support to help shift the culture towards accepting greater personal accountability whilst enhancing teamwork across the department.

Our Approach

Working with the internal ‘change team’ we reviewed the companies values and the cultural shifts implied by the IS Strategy. We then created a number of candidate awards to reward examples of desired behavioural changes, which were agreed by the IS Director. These included awards for ‘go getter of the year’, ‘best team’, ‘best team player’, ‘extra mile’, ‘demonstrating passion’, ‘customer focus’. We then asked the IS department to make nominations for each of the categories; the winners were presented with a plaque and a small gift by the IT Director at the Christmas Party.


As a result of introducing the annual awards for IS, the IS Function was able to:

  • Demonstrate real examples of desired behaviours across the department;
  • Visibly reward people that demonstrated desired behaviour changes;
  • Offer up ‘role models’ within the department for others to follow;
  • Recognise and reward people for how they worked individually and with others;
  • Deliver some powerful messages in a fun and engaging way

Despite some initial scepticism, the awards were a recognised success reinforced by a staff survey where 74% of responders wanted them to continue with suggestions for extending the awards to include ‘best innovator’, ‘best newcomer’ and ‘best project’.