Cancer Research UK

We helped Cancer Research UK develop a transformation map for realising their five year IS Strategy.

The IT Director had agreed a 5 year strategy with Cancer Research UK’s executive board and needed our support to help create a picture of how the strategy would be progressively delivered over the five year period in a way that could be easily understood.

Our Approach

We analysed the IS Strategy to create end-state outcomes for each of the seven strategic themes. Working with the ‘change team’ we mapped change activities already underway over time linking them with the strategic end-state outcomes. Working forwards and backwards in time, we identified intermediate outcomes that collectively described the journey for each of the strategic themes. We then facilitated a number of workshops with the IS leadership team to validate the first-cut Transformation Map. Finally, we colour-coded the outcomes into subject areas reflecting the work-streams of the IS change programme.


As a result of developing the Transformation Map for IS, the IS Function was able to:

  • Show how the IS Strategy would be progressively realised over time;
  • Feel confident that all change initiatives would contribute to the IS Strategy;
  • Assign clear accountability to people for delivering each strategic outcome;
  • Present the impact of the IS Strategy in a straight-forward way;
  • Periodically review progress and update the Map as delivery progressed

The Transformation Map was key in keeping the department’s improvement activities aligned with the IS Strategy and for bringing the strategy to life for people both inside and outside of the IS function.