Cancer Research UK

We helped Cancer Research UK develop their new operating model for the IS Function.

The IT Director had agreed a 5 year strategy with Cancer Research UK’s executive board and needed our support to develop the New Operating Model for IS based on creating business-facing teams supported by a new Shared Services organisation.

Our Approach

We worked with the IS Director and his team to agree the components of the New Operating Model (NOM) for IS and the principles for the new organisation, for engagement and for the transition to the new organisational model. Each process was assigned a champion and a change programme developed to define the high-priority processes and roles needed to support the transition to the new organisation. We then facilitated the delivery of the components of the NOM which included new processes, structures, relationships, roles and behaviours as well as defining the future services of the new Shared Services organisation.


As a result of developing the New Operating Model for IS, the IS Function was able to:

  • Clearly define future accountabilities for the recently recruited management team;
  • Progressively introduce best-practice IS processes based on ITIL;
  • Establish a performance improvement function to develop and improve processes;
  • Identify areas for potential outsourcing as input to the next stage of transition;
  • Create the transition plan for creating the new IS organisation

The New Operating Model defined the ‘end state’ for the future IS organisation that was used to direct the design of the new Shared Services organisation and business-aligned teams.