Cancer Research UK

We helped Cancer Research UK develop an internal capability within the IS division to lead and deliver transformational change.

The IS Director had agreed a 5 year strategy with Cancer Research UK’s executive board and needed our support to develop the internal change team to implement the phased changes using a well-defined and repeatable approach.

Our Approach

We selected the ‘change team’ to manage the 7 change work streams identified for the first phase and supported the initiation of each work stream. Using our ‘Change Factory’ methodology as a basis, we coached the ‘change team’ throughout the execution of the six stages of the change process. We trained the team in the use of the methods, tools and templates as well as running a series of workshops to develop their leadership and team working skills. We helped set-up the programme governance for the executive team to ensure the phase outcomes were achieved and management expectations realised.


At the end of phase one of the change programme, the IS Function had significantly improved its capability in how to:

  • Deliver improvements to the IS Function with recognised business impact;
  • Successfully engage key stakeholders impacted by the changes;
  • Fully consider ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ impacts when planning for changes;
  • Create powerful communication approaches to both inform and engage others;
  • Operate as an effective ‘change agent’ across the organisation

This enhanced capability proved to be invaluable as the change programme moved into its second phase.