Cancer Research UK

We supported Cancer Research UK to transform their IT Department to a more customer aligned and focused function.

The IT Director had agreed a 5 year strategy with Cancer Research UK’s executive board and needed our support to scope and deliver the first phase of their transformation to a more effective and customer aligned organisation.

Our Approach

We used the ‘Capability Model’ to identify the areas of current performance that required immediate focus. By engaging key staff and senior sponsors with this process this enabled Cancer Research UK’s IT Director to break through some of the initial resistance from people.


The outputs from the capability model enabled Cancer Research UK to:

  • Have a shared understanding of the most urgent and important capability gaps to resolve;
  • Create 7 change work streams related to programme management, governance, customer service, communication, people, technology and performance measures;
  • Create a transformation map that has plotted outputs over a 5 year period;
  • Measure future improvements by providing a baseline view.