Our Values

ChangePartners has developed a clear set of values that all our consultants work to. They are focused on delivering impact and value to our customers supported by a strong partnership. As a customer, we exist to support you in achieving your business goals and outcomes and also to have some fun along the way. We believe that our approach and values helps us to be distinctive in the consultancy marketplace.

Adaptable: Each and every change implementation is different and depends, amongst other things, on your business, maturity and people. Although we do have proven tools, we will always seek to adapt these to your specific needs.

Supportive: Although we aim to bring momentum and a sense of urgency, we will not force a pace that you are uncomfortable with.

Friendly: Developing relationships and retaining a sense of enjoyment is at the core of our values. Change does not have to be painful. Our aim is to make change fun and engaging for people across your organisation.

Engaging: To have the greatest impact we want to get people fully involved in both identifying and implementing change. This includes those people impacted directly by any change as well as business sponsors.

Broad Perspective: We will consider all factors involved in any implementation or strategy development to ensure that our work is always ‘fit for purpose’.

Expedient: We will look for the most effective solutions bringing in our experience and building on what has already been done by you.
Economic: Our prices compare favourably with our competitors. We will always define the benefits relating to our work and ensure that changes are measured and offer you value for money.

Dependable: We will always be there for you, whether we are doing paid work or not.

Integrity: Our consultants all have high standards of professionalism and integrity which are integral to our values.

Different but Accessible: Whilst we pride ourselves in being up-to-date with latest thinking, we will always make our approaches simple avoiding unnecessary jargon or theory.


"What was most remarkable is how the consultants got under the skin of our culture to achieve maximum impact. They were able to produce a whole array of tools that seemed suitable for every occasion."

Louis Bradshaw, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Cancer Research UK

"Change Partners approach was one of partnership in designing and delivering solutions that were actually relevant to us rather than off the shelf. I have no hesitation in recommending their services in delivering step change."

Steve Yick, Head of Business Liaison, Cancer Research UK