Our Approach

At ChangePartners we provide a fresh and different approach to managing change. The most important factors for us are that you are successful in achieving your outcomes and develop your capability to manage change on an ongoing basis.

We think that you will enjoy working with us. Whilst we bring a sense urgency and momentum we will always try to maintain a relaxed and friendly approach. Coupled with this, our tools and methods will give you a greater sense of control, allowing you to manage change with more confidence and certainty.

All the organisations that we have worked with have found that we meet the commitments that we make.

  • We always work to agreed and clearly defined outcomes and will review these periodically when working with you
  • We will adapt our approach to your needs. All change programmes are different from one another and we will avoid prescriptive approaches, although we bring a wealth of practical and proven tools and techniques
  • We offer mentoring and lifetime support to all sponsors, even after our contract has ended
  • We will only make recommendations that are in your interests, not ours, even if we do not benefit from further work ourselves

"Change Partners approach was to steer and guide, and not to force us along predetermined route. Their adaptable friendly approach underpinned by a common set of values helped deliver a crucial part of our strategy program."

Chris Butler, Change and Service Improvement Manager, Cancer Research UK

"Change Partners showed us how to remain fully engaged with the organisation at all levels throughout the change process. Our communication is now recognised as being excellent".

Jane Swindle, Strategy and Change Manager, Cancer Research UK

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"Change Partners helped us to identify our desired outcomes and remain focused, to hold our nerve when things looked impossible, and to adapt our approach when the goalposts moved in order to reach our targets."

Jane Swindle, Strategy and Change Manager, Cancer Research UK

"The way Change Partners has helped us to prioritise and continuously improve the quality of our communication and engagement approaches has been invaluable."

Harriet Truss, Communications Manager, Cancer Research UK